Why Form an Alliance Against ESGs?

ESG (Environmental, Social Justice and Governance) is a form of social credit scoring currently placed on large corporations and over time their upstream and downstream vendors, thereby impacting small businesses too. Companies are pressured to comply with LGBTQ+ and climate change edicts (along with many other ever-changing social issues) to help raise their ESG social credit score rating to avoid punishing consequences from our government, investment firms and activist non-profit groups. Let’s protect our Palmetto, and put a stop to ESGs!

Join Our "Protect Our Palmetto" Project

Sending a strong message that SC should be signed on with these other states!

We need to get as many cards signed as possible to help protect SC’s small business owners from the social credit scoring of ESGs. Download your card or email us to obtain your cards. After signing the cards, they will need to be mailed back to us at

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All contact information will stay within MAPA.