Mom and Pop Alliance was created for you

We believe small business owners ARE ESSENTIAL.
It is time we come together and have a voice.

Family owned, and small businesses are the backbone of the SC economy, but our voices are often under-represented in the development of governmental policy. As business owners ourselves, we know that traditionally, but these days especially, state government has an ever-increasing effect on the process and experience of business ownership. We were founded to change that.

We have VOLUNTEERED OUR TIME to create and run the Mom and Pop Alliance to serve as a liaison between the owners of family & small businesses and state government in seeking solutions and good governance policies that are supportive of South Carolina's Mom and Pop businesses.

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Mom and Pop Alliance helps educate family businesses and gives them a voice.

Benefits of Membership

Annual membership is offered to all types of family and small businesses
including privately owned corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. Non-business owners can even join as Associate Members to support small businesses and the promotion of entrepreneurship at the state level.

Your support of the Mom and Pop Alliance will help us to inform, and to advocate on behalf of small businesses and their owners throughout our state.

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